Britain GAA Football Club Championship Finals 1967-Present

Britain GAA Provincial Council Crest
Britain GAA Provincial Council Crest [Reference: 1]

Provincial Finals 1967-Present

1967St. Mary’s (London)
1968Parnells (London)
1969Parnell’s (London)
1970Garryowen (London)
1971Sean Treacy’s (London)
1972Sean McDermott’s (Warwickshire)
1973Sean McDermott’s (Warwickshire)
1974De La Salle College (Lancashire)
1975Sean McDermott’s (Warwickshire)
1976An Riocht (London)
1977An Riocht (London)
1978An Riocht (London)
1979An Riocht (London)
1980Tara (London)
1981Parnell’s (London)
1982Hugh O’Neill’s (Yorkshire)
1983Tir Conaill Gaels (London)
1984Parnell’s (London)
1985An Riocht (London)
1986An Riocht (London)
1987An Riocht (London)
1988John Mitchell’s (Warwickshire)
1989An Riocht (London)
1990Tir Conaill Gaels (London)
1991Parnell’s (London)
1992Tir Conaill Gaels (London)
1993Tir Conaill Gaels (London)
1994Oisin’s (Lancashire)
1995Tara (London)
1996Tir Conaill Gaels (London)
1997Tir Conaill Gaels (London)
1998Tir Conaill Gaels (London)
1999Hugh O’Neill’s (Yorkshire)
2000Tir Conaill Gaels (London)
2001Tir Conaill Gaels (London)
2002St. Brendan’s (London)
2003Tara (London)
2004Kingdom Kerry Gaels (London)
2005Tir Conaill Gaels (London)
2006St. Brendan’s (London)
2007Tir Conaill Gaels (London)
2008Tir Conaill Gaels (London)
2009Tir Conaill Gaels (London)
2010Neasden Gaels (London)
2011Fulham Irish (London)
2012Tir Conaill Gaels (London)
2013Kingdom Kerry Gaels (London)
2014Tir Conaill Gaels (London)
2015Tir Conaill Gaels (London)
2016St. Kiernan’s (London)
2017Fulham Irish (London)
2019Thomas McCurtains (London)1-11 (14)Glasgow Gaels (Scotland)0-7 (7)

Britain GAA Football Club Championship Roll of Honour 1967-Present [References: 2-3]


The Britain GAA Junior Club Football Provincial Championship has been won most often by London GAA clubs since 1967, with only Warwickshire GAA’s Sean McDermott’s (1972, 1973, 1975) and John Mitchell’s (1988) and two wins for Yorkshire’s Hugh O’Neill’s (1982 and 1999) and one win for Lancashire GAA’s De La Salle College (1974) interupting the sequence.

London clubs have won all the rest with 13 London GAA clubs on the winners roll, including 16 for Tir Conaill Gaels (the first in 1983 and most recent in 2015), 8 for An Riocht between 1976 and 1989, five for Parnell’s (spread out from 1968 to 1991), three for Tara (1980, 1995 and 2003), and two for Kingdom Kerry Gaels (2004 and 2013), St. Brendan’s (2002 and 2006) and Fulham Irish (2011 and 2017).

The most recent winners have been Thomas McCurtains of London, with a 7 point victory over Scotland GAA’s Glasgow Gaels in the Final (1-11 to 0-7). The winners of the Britain GAA Football Club Championship qualify to play in the All-Ireland Junior Club Championship (3rd Level or Division) alongside the Junior Provincial Champions of Connacht, Leinster, Munster and Ulster.

Thomas McCurtains Britain GAA Club Football Provincial Champions 2019
Thomas McCurtains Britain GAA Club Football Provincial Champions 2019 [Reference: 4]



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