International Rules

International Rules, also known as Compromise Rules is a term for a number of related sports combining the rules of GAA sports with similar sports from around the World. There is International Rules Football, played between Ireland and Australia, Hurling-Shinty, played between Ireland and Scotland, Handball-Pelota, which is Ireland v Basque Country, as well as Rounders-Baseball and Rounders-Softball (Irish teams v American, Canadian and Britsh teams), Hurlacrosse (Hurling-Lacrosse – Ireland v Iroquois Nationals), and Poc Fada Golf (A Golf Course where players use a Hurl/Hurley to hit the ball into the hole)

Ireland Hurling-Shinty Team 2015
Ireland Hurling-Shinty Team 2015 [Reference: 1]

International Rules Football

Ireland v Australia Overviews:

International Rules Football Ireland v Australia 1984-1990

International Rules Football Ireland v Australia 1998-2006

Hurling-Shinty Internationals

Ireland v Scotland Overviews:

Hurling-Shinty International Tailteann Games Ireland v Scotland 1924-1932

Hurling-Shinty Internationals Ireland v Scotland 1972-1979

Handball-Pelota Internationals

Ireland v Basque Country (Years): 1932

Rounders-Softball Internationals

Rounders-Softball Club Internationals

Rounders-Softball Club Internationals Lakelands GAA v Leinster Softball 1982

Rounders-Softball Club Internationals Skryne GAA Tour of Massachusetts 1982

Hurlacrosse Internationals

Hurlacrosse Internationals

Hurlacrosse International Ireland Lacrosse v Europe Hurling Croke Park 2019

Poc Fada Golf

Poc Fada Golf


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