Ladies Gaelic Football Association All-Ireland Senior Club Championship Finals 2011-Present

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27.11.2011Carnacon (Mayo)2-12 (18)Na Fianna (Dublin)2-4 (10)
02.12.2012Donaghmoyne (Monaghan)1-10 (13)Carnacon (Mayo)1-5 (8)
01.12.2013Carnacon (Mayo)1-6 (9)Donaghmoyne (Monaghan)0-8 (8)
30.11.2014CLG An Tearmainn (Donegal)3-12 (21)Mourneabbey (Cork)1-13 (16)
06.12.2015Donaghmoyne (Monaghan)0-11 (11)Mourneabbey (Cork)0-8 (8)
04.12.2016Donaghmoyne (Monaghan)2-9 (15)Foxrock Cabinteely (Dublin)0-8 (8)
03.12.2017Carnacon (Mayo)0-15 (15)Mourneabbey (Cork)1-10 (13)
08.12.2018Mourneabbey (Cork)1-13 (16)Foxrock Cabinteely (Dublin)1-7 (10)
23.11.2019Mourneabbey (Cork)2-9 (15)Kilkerrin-Clonberne (Galway)0-14 (14)
LGFA Ladies Gaelic Football Association All Ireland Senior Club Championship Finals 2011-Present [Reference: 2]


For the last decade Carnacon (Co. Mayo – 3 times winners, once runners-up), Donaghmoyne (Co. Monaghan – 3 times winners, once runners-up) and Mournabbey (Co. Cork – twice winners, 3 times runners-up) have dominated the LGFA Ladies Gaelic Football association All Ireland Senior Club Championship. The only club to break these three teams dominance has been CLG An Tearmainn from Donegal who won the Championship in 2014.



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Thanks to Rose McCabe (Wexford)

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