GAA Hurling Christy Ring Cup 2016

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Christy Ring Cup 2016

DateHome TeamAway Team
Round 1
23.04.2016Meath3-18 (27)Wicklow2-12 (18)
23.04.2016Roscommon2-20 (26)Derry0-15 (15)
23.04.2016Down2-12 (18)London2-17 (23)
23.04.2016Antrim3-20 (29)Kildare0-17 (17)
Round 2ARound 1 Winners
30.04.2016Antrim2-14 (20)Roscommon1-12 (15)
01.05.2016London1-16 (19)Meath2-17 (23)
Round 2BRound 1 Losers
30.04.2016Wicklow0-9 (9)Kildare0-17 (17)
30.04.2016Derry1-15 (18)Down1-18 (21)
Quarter-Finals2A Losers v
2B Winners
07.05.2016Down1-14 (17)Roscommon1-7 (10)
07.05.2016Kildare1-17 (20)London0-15 (15)
Relegation PlayoffRound 2B Losers
21.05.2016Derry0-15 (15)Wicklow2-22 (28)
Semi-Finals2A Winners v
QF Winners
21.05.2016Antrim1-24 (27)Down0-23 (23)
22.05.2016Kildare0-21 (21)Meath1-21 (24)
Promotion / Relegation
11.06.2016Derry1-14 (17)Mayo1-21 (24)
Christy Ring Cup Final
04.06.2016Antrim1-20 (23)Meath2-17 (23)
Christy Ring Cup FinalReplay
25.06.2016Antrim5-17 (32)Meath4-21 (33)
GAA Hurling Christy Ring Cup 2016 [Reference: 2]


Meath won the GAA Hurling Christy Ring Cup (Division 2 All Ireland) in 2016, by a point over Antrim after a replay. They had earlier beaten Wicklow, London and Kildare. In all, eight counties were eligible for the Christy Ring Cup, Meath. Kildare and Wicklow (Leinster), Antrim, Derry, Down (Ulster), Roscommon (Connacht) and London (Britain). Meath fell 1-7 to 0-1 behind after only 19 minutes, but a dramatic late comeback, spearheaded by substitute Sean Quigley, who only came on in the 64th minute, saw Meath claim a first ever Christy Ring Cup by a point (2-18 to 1-20), or so it seemed, as the score was later shown to be erroneuous, and aReplay needed, this time Meath winning by a point (4-21 to 5-17). Stephen Clynch hit the last-minute point from a free in extra-time in the replay, in what turned out to be a nine-goal thriller.


Meath – Christy Ring Cup Winners 2016 [Reference: 4]


The Christy Ring Cup is the Tier 2 All-Ireland County Championship in Hurling, named after the great Cork player.

From its inception to 2018 it was a Double-Elimination Cup (dubbed the “Back Door” by the Press) and in 2019 was changed to two groups of 4, playing a Single Round-Robin with Semi-Finals & Final.



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