GAA World Games Camogie Native Cup 2019

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Group Table

Twin Cities109101192619
The Warriors10532563613
Mid Atlantic10424674210
Europe Rovers1020815954
Canada Native1010913942

Reference: [1]

Native Cup

DateHome TeamAway Team
01.08.19Twin Cities0-9 (9)Mid Atlantic0-1 (1)
01.08.19The Warriors1-4 (7)Heartland1-1 (4)
Cup Final
02.08.19Twin Cities6-7 (25)The Warriors0-0 (0)

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Native Shield

DateHome TeamAway Team
Shield Final
01.08.19Europe Rovers1-0 (3)Canada Native0-0 (0)

Reference: [1]

Group Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Round 1
29.07.19Twin Cities4-7 (19)Europe Rovers0-0 (0)
29.07.19Heartland0-3 (3)The warriors1-1 (4)
29.07.19Mid Atlantic1-7 (10)Canada Native0-0 (0)
Round 2
29.07.19Heartland1-3 (6)Mid Atlantic0-1 (3)
29.07.19The Warriors3-6 (15)Europe Rovers0-0 (0)
29.07.19Twin Cities3-11 (20)Canada Native0-0 (0)
Round 3
29.07.19The Warriors2-1 (7)Mid Atlantic0-0 (0)
29.07.19Twin Cities1-4 (7)Heartland1-1 (4)
29.07.19Europe Rovers1-2 (5)Canada Native1-0 (3)
Round 4
30.07.19Mid Atlantic3-5 (14)Europe Rovers0-0 (0)
30.07.19Canada Native0-0 (0)Heartland3-2 (11)
30.07.19The Warriors1-1 (4)Twin Cities0-4 (4)
Round 5
30.07.19Canada Native0-0 (0)The Warriors2-3 (9)
30.07.19Europe Rovers1-1 (4)Heartland2-5 (11)
30.07.19Mid Atlantic2-1 (7)Twin Cities1-6 (9)
Round 6
30.07.19Twin Cities3-3 (12)Europe Rovers1-0 (3)
30.07.19Heartland0-4 (4)The Warriors0-4 (4)
30.07.19Mid Atlantic2-5 (11)Canada Native0-0 (0)
Round 7
30.07.19Heartland0-3 (3)Mid Atlantic0-3 (3)
30.07.19The Warriors0-2 (2)Europe Rovers0-0 (0)
30.07.19Twin Cities4-1 (13)Canada Native0-1 (3)
Round 8
31.07.19The Warriors1-2 (5)Mid Atlantic1-2 (5)
31.07.19Twin Cities1-7 (10)Heartland0-4 (4)
31.07.19Europe Rovers0-2 (2)Canada Native0-1 (1)
Round 9
31.07.19Mid Atlantic3-5 (14)Europe Rovers0-0 (0)
31.07.19Canada Native0-1 (1)Heartland1-5 (8)
31.07.19The Warriors0-1 (1)Twin Cities1-10 (13)
Round 10
31.07.19Canada Native2-1 (7)The Warriors1-2 (5)
31.07.19Europe Rovers0-1 (1)Heartland1-1 (4)
31.07.19Mid Atlantic0-2 (2)Twin Cities3-3 (12)

Reference: [2]


Twin Cities (Minnesota, US) beat The Warriors in the Final of the GAA World Games Camogie Native Cup in 2019. The GAA World Games is the Provincial Championship for Counties outside Ireland and Britain, and the Native Cup is for Natives or locals who play the sport rather than Irish abroad, and works out like the Provincial Championship for the Americas.



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Thanks to Caroline Mitchell.

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