Hurlacrosse is a new development in International Rules whereby Lacrosse and Hurling teams play a Compromise between the two sports. Each uses their own stick, with only goals allowed, no points. This is the Eirball GAA World Archive Landing (index) page to the All-Time Results of Hulacrosse games. It is an ongoing project.

Hurlacrosse Internationals

Hurling-Lacrosse Internationals

Hurlacrosse Internationals

Hurlacrosse International Ireland Lacrosse v Europe Hurling Croke Park 2019

Hurlacrosse Club Internationals

International Rules Hurlacrosse Club Internationals 2009-2018

Picture Credit: [3] Pan-American Lacrosse Associaion (2019) R7D_0422.jpg_0-1024×683 [Internet] Available from:×683.jpg [Accessed 26 November 2020]