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Ulster GAA Senior Football Championship 1999

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Ulster GAA Crest [References: C-104]


Ulster GAA Senior Football Championship 1999

Match Day Preliminary Round
(Preliminary Round)
1-10 (13) - 2-12 (18)
Ulster GAA Football Senior Championship

Monaghan vs Fermanagh

Match Day First Round
(First Round)
2-9 (15) - 1-12 (15)
Ulster GAA Football Senior Championship

Donegal vs Armagh

(First Round)
2-15 (21) - 2-15 (21)
Ulster GAA Football Senior Championship

Derry vs Cavan

(First Round)
1-15 (18) - 0-14 (14)
Ulster GAA Football Senior Championship

Down vs Antrim

(First Round)
0-18 (18) - 0-8 (8)
Ulster GAA Football Senior Championship

Tyrone vs Fermanagh

Match Day First Round Replays
(First Round Replays)
2-11 (17) - 0-12 (12)
Ulster GAA Football Senior Championship

Armagh vs Donegal

(First Round Replays)
2-14 (20) - 0-5 (5)
Ulster GAA Football Senior Championship

Derry vs Cavan

Match Day Semi-Finals
1-10 (13) - 0-12 (12)
Ulster GAA Football Senior Championship

Armagh vs Derry

2-14 (20) - 0-15 (15)
Ulster GAA Football Senior Championship

Down vs Tyrone

Match Day Final
3-12 (21) - 0-10 (10)
Ulster GAA Football Senior Championship

Armagh vs Down

Scoreboard compiled from All-Ireland GAA Senior Football Championship Final Programme 26 september 1999 [References: S-2]


After Fermanagh knocked out Monaghan in the Preliminary Round, the Quarter-Finals produced two Replays: Armagh defeated Donegal in one by 2-11 to 0-12, and Derry had a more comprehensive victory over Cavan by a score of 2-14 to 0-5 in the other. In the other two Quarter-Finals Down won by a goal and a point versus Antrim and Tyrone more than doubled Fermanagh’s total in two games featuring neighbouring rivals. The Semi-Finals were both close with Armagh defeating Derry by a point and Down winning by 2-14 to 0-15 over Tyrone. The Ulster Final saw Armagh score three goals to progress to the All-Ireland Semi-Finals with a 3-12 to 0-10 defeat of next door Down. [References: S-2]

About Ulster GAA SFC 1999

The 1999 Ulster GAA Senior Football Championship featured all nine traditional counties, with Fermanagh and Monaghan playing a Preliminary Round game before the Quarter-Finals. The Provincial Championship was single elimination (knockout) with the Champions Qualifying for the All-Ireland GAA Senior Football Championship Semi-Finals. The GAA Senior Football Championship is the Premier Inter-County Gaelic Football Championship for Adult Men. [References: 5-7]


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Thanks to Michael O’Callaghan, Pippo O’Grady, Edmund Corrigan & Decy Maher


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