European Pro Wallball Tour Men’s Singles Rankings After 2018 Belgian Open

Irish Ranked Players

Conor McElduffIRL10466.6
Paudi QuishIRL6+1176.6
James PrenticeIRL19+673
Colm GraceIRL39-340
Jamie KellyIRL45+126.6
Terry McElvaneyIRL47NE25
Anthony O’SullivanIRL52023.3
Jack CoughlanIRL57+120
Connell McCavittIRL60-216.6
Daniel KavanaghIRL64015
Dara CloakeIRL67+214.3
John Bosco HurleyIRL68+214
Eamon McCroryIRL69+213.3
Dean CorriganIRL77+310
Ben DevlinIRL77+310
Michael HediganIRL90+49
James DoyleIRL93+48.3
Seamus ConnellyIRL10306.6
Brian KennedyIRL10306.6
Barri McCoyIRL11305
Colm TurleyIRL11305
Eimhin O’DiolluinIRL113NE5
Richie McNallyIRL129-53.6
Lawrence MurphyIRL134NE3
Dan BreenIRL144-342
Pat HopkinsIRL154NE1.5
Colin CrehanIRL157-41.3
Jason EnglishIRL157-41.3
Conor NooneIRL157-41.3
Fiachhra O’DuillIRL165-51
Adrian EnglishIRL165-51
Jack TurleyIRL165-51
Sean StollIRL165-51
Andrew MurrayIRL165-51
Patrick MurphyIRL165NE1
Liam BradshawIRL185-50.6
Colm CorbettIRL185-50.6
Daniel RelihanIRL185-50.6
Daragh DailyIRL207-10.3
Niall FlynnIRL228-1250
Sean NolanIRL228-100
Darren PrenticeIRL228-100




Ireland’s Conor Mcelduff regained top spot in the end-of-season Rankings for 2017-18 from Spain’s Sacha Kruithoff. Paudi Quish also finished in the top 10, while James Prentice, Colm Grace, Jamie Kelly and Anthony O’Sullivan also finished in the top 50.

The Tour featured players from Ireland, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Basque Country, France, Italy, USA, Argentina, Canada, Australia, Germany and Morocco


Handball was included as one of the four original Gaelic Games in the GAA charter of 1884. It is the only one to have become a genuine sport, with the game being played at a high level in USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico, France, Italy, Spain, Basque Country, Belgium, Netherlands and the UK.

Wallball is a version of the sport which attempts to unite the various versions of the sport played worldwide and the European Wallball Tour is a Pro Tour with events in Belgium, Spain, Netherlands and UK.




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