European Wallball Pro Tour Men’s End-of-Calendar-Year Rankings 2017

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Top 10 & Irish Ranked Players

Top 10    
McElduff, ConorIRL1+1411.7
Kruithoff, SachaESP2-1385
Grant, DanielGBR3+1303.3
Potiez, SebastienBEL4+1266.6
Quish, PaudiIRL5+1261.6
Metayer, TanguayBEL6-3256.6
Thomson, LukeGBR7+2216.6
Van Der Schoot, KeesNED80191.6
Tristao, DanielGBR9-2156.6
Polanco, WilliamUSA100150
Irish Outside Top 10    
O’Sullivan, AnthonyIRL26-273
Kavanagh, DanielIRL32-551.6
Prentice, JamesIRL38+1843
McCavitt, ConnallIRL47-1335
Kelly, JamieIRL52-1030
Doyle, JamesIRL60-225
Kennedy, BrianIRL67-220
Coughlan, JackIRL67NE20
Hedigan, MichaelIRL69-320
McCrory, EamonIRL69-920
Hurley, John BoscoIRL77+1116.6
McNally, RichieIRL78-515
Cloake, DaraIRL80013.6
Connelly, SeamusIRL85-410
Flynn, NiallIRL97-226.6
Breen, DaraIRL103-176.3
Nolan, SeanIRL113-63.3
O’Duill, FiachraIRL120-83
Crehan, ColinIRL129-92
English, JasonIRL129-92
Noone, ConorIRL129-92
Bradshaw, LiamIRL142-101
Corbett, ColinIRL142-101
Relihan, DanielIRL142-101
Grace, ColmIRL142NE1
English, AdrianIRL142NE1
European Wallball Pro Tour Men’s End-of-Calendar-Year Rankings 2017 [Reference: 1]


Ireland’s Conor McElduff topped the European Wallball Tour Men’s Rankings at the End of December 2017 on 411.7 Points. Paudi Quish was the other Irishman in the Top 10, placing fifth on 261.6 Points.

About European Handball

Handball is described on the GAA Handball website as the only real GAA World Sport, with a high level of Competition in Western Europe (the European Wallball Pro Tour: Euro1Wall) as well as Organisations, each with their own variation on the rules, in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Catalonia, Basque Country, Belgium (Wallonia-Brussels and Flanders) and Netherlands. Wallball or Euro1Wall is like a Unified version of the game for Europe.


[1] European Pro Wallball (2017) Men’s Rankings – rankings as they stand after the 2017 Dutch Open [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 14 December 2017]


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