GAA World Games Hurling Irish Cup 2019

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GAA Logo [Reference: 1]

Group Table

*New York75021616910
*Middle East75021514410
*Europe Bears8107492032
Asia Cobras8107512362
GAA World Games Hurling Irish Cup 2019 [Reference: 2]


DateHome TeamAway Team
01.08.2019AustralasiaW/OEurope BearsCC
01.08.2019New York2-5 (11)Middle East3-16 (25)
Irish ShieldSemi-Final
01.08.2019Asia CobrasCCNew YorkW/O
Irish ShieldFinal
01.08.2019Europe Bears0-6 (6)New York8-9 (33)
Irish CupFinal
02.08.2019Australasia3-7 (16)Middle East2-15 (21)
GAA World Games Hurling Irish Cup 2019 [Reference: 3]

Group Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Round 1
29.07.2019Australasia3-10 (19)New York2-9 (15)
29.07.2019Middle East6-18 (36)Asia Cobras0-1 (1)
Round 2
29.07.2019Asia Cobras0-7 (7)Australasia3-23 (32)
29.07.2019New York5-8 (23)Europe Bears1-5 (8)
Round 3
29.07.2019Europe Bears3-9 (18)Asia Cobras1-5 (8)
29.07.2019Australasia1-8 (11)Middle East4-11 (23)
Round 4
30.07.2019Middle EastW/OEurope BearsCC
30.07.2019Asia Cobras0-5 (5)New York7-5 (26)
Round 5
30.07.2019New York2-8 (14)Middle East1-9 (12)
30.07.2019Europe Bears0-2 (2)Australasia6-15 (33)
Round 6
30.07.2019Australasia1-10 (13)New York2-3 (9)
30.07.2019Middle East9-9 (36)Asia Cobras0-0 (0)
Round 7
30.07.2019Asia Cobras0-4 (4)Australasia11-16 (49)
30.07.2019New York13-6 (45)Europe Bears0-3 (3)
Round 8
31.07.2019Europe Bears2-4 (10)Asia Cobras3-8 (17)
31.07.2019Australasia2-10 (16)Middle East0-5 (5)
Round 9
31.07.2019Middle East9-12 (39)Europe Bears0-2 (2)
31.07.2019Asia Cobras0-9 (9)New York7-8 (29)
Round 10
31.07.2019New York0-0Middle East0-0
31.07.2019Europe Bears0-6 (6)Australasia8-14 (38)
GAA World Games Hurling Irish Cup 2019 [Reference: 3


Middle East won the GAA World Games Hurling Irish Cup in 2019, triumphing 2-15 (21 Points) to 3-7 (16 Points) over Australasia in the Irish Cup Final. They had finished third in the Championship Group, losing to both New York and Austrasia once , but defeated both in the Finals, winning against New York in the Irish Cup Semi-Finals. New York won the Irish Shield with a comfortable 8-9 (33 Points) to 0-6 (6 Points) win in the Shield Final. Asia Cobras were the other contestants.

Middle East GAA World Games Hurling Irish Cup Champions 2019
Middle East GAA World Games Hurling Irish Cup Champions 2019 [Reference: 4][Photo Credit: Middle East GAA]

About GAA World Games

There are two GAA Provincial Councils outside Ireland: the World Games comprising New York, United States, Canada, Australasia, Europe, Asia and Middle East GAA Councils; and the Britain GAA Provincial Council comprising the GAA Counties of London, Warwickshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Hertfordshire, Gloucestershire and Scotland. Both have County Championships and Provincial Championships in Gaelic Football, Hurling, Camogie and Ladies Gaelic, although not all as yet have Hurling, Camogie or Ladies Gaelic Football Championships. There are also Clubs in Argentina, Moscow, the Cayman Islands and South Africa.The World Games Irish Cup is like the Provincial Championship for the Irish players abroad in the World Counties. Mostly, it comprises teams from the Orient (Europe, Asia, Middle East, Australsia, South Africa)



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