Gaelic Games Europe Central-East Region Ladies Gaelic Championship 2019

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1Berlin A11252561
2Zurich Inneoin20162056
3Munich Colmcilles13201649
4Prague Hibs10131336
5Warsaw A2525
6Vienna Gaels95.51024.5
7Slovak Shamrocks61117
8Warsaw B1616
9Berlin B88
14Setanta Berlin
[References: 2]

Legend / Key: War=Warsaw 13 April; Pra=Prague 1 June; Mun=Munich 29 June 2019.


12 of the 14 clubs in the Central-East region entered the Gaelic Games Europe Central-East Region Ladies Gaelic Championship in 2019, which was played over three tournaments. Berlin A finished first with 61 points having won both the second and third tournaments in Prague and Munich. Zurich Inneoin were close behind on 56 points and Munich Colmcilles in third on 49 points. In all 9 counties were represented: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Russia, with some colourful names such as Slovak Shamrocks, Prague Hibs, Vienna Gaels, Zurich Inneoin and Munich Colmcilles.



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